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DISCOUNT PRICE Dragon Expert Advisor v4.1

Dragon Expert Advisor v4.1

  1. Roland Verde
    The best forex robot that currently dominates the chart. Trading using Dragon Expert's triangular correlation strategy ensures that you can earn 70% -100% ++ Profit every month. The most advanced real-time algorithm algorithm in expert software.

    • Meet the dragon expert who generates 60% -110% ++ every month.
    • The legendary trading strategy displays real-time prices between all timeframes to find the best entry and exit points
    • Advanced correlation algorithm. The adviser will find the ratio between the pairs and give you a hedge for your trading.
    • Optimized default setting. There is no need to configure anything, the default settings of our Expert Advisor are fully optimized.
    • Real-time broker board. Prevents shadow brokers from trading against you, protecting your trading information.
    • Hidden Take Profit and Stop Loss. Hide your Take Profit and Stop Loss so that the broker cannot deceive you.
    • Undetectable trade in robots. Our advanced forward tests show that your transaction will be considered as a normal transaction, such as human trafficking on the broker's side.
    • Advanced pair detection. Select the correlation pairs you want to trade.
    • The EA automatically adapts on the fly.
    • Time filter. You can choose the time when the adviser will open a deal, whether it be London / America / Australia / Asian market.
    • No pending trading. Real-time trading management without any delays.
    • ECN Broker. EA support is optimized for your type of forex broker.
    • Easy to install. Just download it, install it on your Metatrader 4 and you're done.
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Balance replenishment ALIEBAY
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