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EXCLUSIVE PRODUCT DiVA system. Swing trading and scalping. 4.1

A concept by London Forex Traders Network.

  1. Ryan Miller
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    D.i.V.A. Swing & scalping strategies are based on a simple 'Set and Forget' trading approach to reduce screen time.
    The D.i.V.A visual analysis part will help you stay two steps ahead of the next big move.
    Follow a simple, proven, step by step process to determine the most profitable Forex trades.
    Whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader, our D.i.V.A. will help you trade the markets profitably.
    We are not just a distribution company, we are a group of full-time traders and we have been trading the same strategy for over 17 years.

    D.i.V.A. Swing Trading


    The average trading time ranges from one day to several days.
    Work in a 1: 3 ratio on average, with D.i.V.A Swing you can access over 50 currency pairs and trade with 82% success. Our best strategy, just stick to the rules and take your earning potential to the next level.
    Also known as Edge 4.1. intended for session trading from London, open before the US opening.

    Ideal for quick profits and day trading between the London open and the US open. An excellent risk reward of 1: 4 and above with 80% success, D.i.V.A scalping is an excellent choice for consistently making daily profits and trading full time.

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Balance replenishment ALIEBAY
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