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SALE Astli_balance_bears_bulls 2020-12-24

Astli_balance_bears_bulls indicator

  1. Ryan Miller
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    PROFESSIONAL INDICATOR - the newest algorithm for determining the levels with the maximum volumes of sales and purchases:
    • Volumes of sales and purchases separately
    • Powerful tool for forecasting exchange rates
    The indicator displays the ratio of two values, namely the sales volumes and the purchase volumes at different price levels.
    As a result, we can identify strong support and resistance levels. Determine the direction of the price exit from the flat.
    A powerful tool that simplifies the analysis and forecast of price movement direction. If you are trading, you just need to have this indicator in addition to your system.

    The indicator is very easy to use. Displays two horizontal histograms, red and blue. Red - sales volumes, blue - purchase volumes.
    Using the vertical lines, select the range for calculation by moving it to the left or right. The indicator draws histograms from left to right of the vertical lines, then we see which indicator is higher.

    For more details, see the pictures and video below.

    GBPUSD M15 chart.

    GBPUSD H1 chart.

    GBPUSD H4 chart.

    • Download and install MetaTrader 4
    • Install the Astli_balance_bears_bulls indicator according to the instructions
    • Attach to the desired chart
    • Select the desired range for analysis
    The indicator is more for experienced traders. If you are a beginner, you should understand that this is just a tool for analysis.
    Therefore, you need experience and your own system to work.
    And the Astli_balance_bears_bulls indicator is an excellent addition and an irreplaceable helper.
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Balance replenishment ALIEBAY
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