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AlieBay Joint Purchase

    28 Ea In Open Source, Oct 28, 2020
  1. Hadi Shah


    View attachment 11883

    All advisors from explours club

    • We offer you to buy all the advisors of our club for only 30 USD!
    • Upon purchase, you receive all 28 robots created from the beginning of the club's work to this day, indicators, a description for each robot and an open code.
    • + All rights to each advisor.
    Description of some of the advisors:
    1. The EA is built on 2 Moving Average.

    • When the fast MA crosses the slow one from the bottom - up, we buy, from the top - down, we sell.
    • Multifunctional settings of the advisor will allow you to make your trading strategy individual.
    2. The EA is based on 7 Moving Average indicators.
    • Timeframes from M1 to D1 are used.
    • When the signal from all timeframes shows an uptrend - buy, a downward trend - sell.
    • To work on rollbacks, set the signal reversal = true.
    3. The Expert Advisor is based on the Urban Towers indicator.
    • The club member who offered this indicator claims that the indicator perfectly works out signals even without martingale.
    • After creating the robot, we thoroughly tested it with the quality of quotes below 90% on GBPUSD. on H1, it really seemed like a grail to us, since the deposit grew almost without drawdowns.
    4. The EA is based on the Z3_XMT_ARPFX Lines and Moving Average indicators.
    • When the price is above the MA and Z3_XMT_ARPFX Lines shows a buy arrow, we buy (ignoring sell signals).
    • Sell when the price is below the MA and there are sell arrows.
    • Thus, we are constantly moving in the direction of the trend, skipping the trend correction (do not trade on it).
    • All indicator settings are displayed in the advisor.
    5. This Expert Advisor is based on the Keltner Channel indicator, which was recommended to us by a club member.
    • The robot has a lot of settings, which allows you to use it with various adjustments of the indicator and trading strategy.
    • Like all trend indicators, the Keltner Channel works well during a trend and starts giving false signals during a flat.
    • That is why it is necessary to launch the EA, if possible, on the initially formed trend.
    • If you know good flat indicators, please send me, we will build the flat indicator into this Expert Advisor - as a filter.
    6. The advisor is built on the Trend Manager indicator sent to us by a club member.
    • According to the participant, this indicator gives very accurate signals and is quite good even in pure trading (buy signal - buy, sell signal - close the order and sell) and so on in a circle.
    • Our test showed that without martingale (purely on signals), the advisor really holds the deposit steadily, but the profit in this case grows very slowly.
    • Therefore, we still recommend using a martingale with a small multiplier (for example, 1.2 or 1.4).
    • The Expert Advisor is designed as a constructor (it has many options and capabilities), so you can customize it for yourself.
    7. This Expert Advisor is built on the rollback or continuation movement algorithm.
    • The bottom line is that we count several candles of the same direction if their body is greater than or equal to X points.
    • For example, we specify 4 candles in the settings, at least 10 points each (4 candles will appear, following strictly one after the other, all of them are only ascending, or descending and their body is more than 10 points, or equal to 10 points) - we make a buy / sell deal.
    • If the movement continues, add a new order to a plus.
    • Option - signal flip controls the direction of orders.
    • By default, a rollback order is opened, but when this option is enabled, the order will be opened strictly for the continuation of the movement.
    • The Expert Advisor does not scalp badly, since after a sharp long movement there will definitely be a rollback.
    • If you place a small take profit, the probability of taking it increases significantly.
    8. Since the Sniper LSMA EXP advisor aroused quite a lot of interest in our club, it was decided to refine it based on the ideas and wishes sent to us.
    • We have significantly increased the capabilities of the Expert Advisor and made a constructor out of it on the indicator. Further, we will build all the advisors on the same scheme so that you always have the opportunity to adjust the strategy for any needs.
    • To everyone who bought the robot we are sending a new version for free, who have not bought it yet, you can take a look at the robot again. Here is an advanced Sniper LSMA EXP V 2.0
    • We remind the strategy:
    • The EA works on the Sniper LSMA indicator.
    • The indicator was sent by a club member who spoke about the effectiveness of the indicator when using the martingale system (according to the club member, the indicator rarely goes into a drawdown).
    • We recommend an initial deposit of 2000 cents or more on a cent account (20 USD). Timeframe from H1.
    9. The Expert Advisor is based on the CCI HMA indicator.
    • The indicator was sent by a member of the club, according to whom this indicator is excellent for scalping and pipsing.
    • From the description of the indicator itself:
    • Commodity Channel Index [CCI] - measures the deviation of the Instrument Price from the Moving Average.
    • 1. Divergence is formed when Price reaches a new high / low and the CCI fails to create a new high / low.
    • 2. CCI fluctuates within the range of ± 100. Values above / below ± 100
    10. Here is an Expert Advisor built on the T8 Double Speed indicator.
    • This indicator was proposed to us as a basis for creating an advisor by one of the club members.
    • Indeed, the indicator shows a fairly solid stability, if martingale is set in the EA - off, take profit 0 and cross-close - on.
    • (The work is activated according to the scheme - there is a buy / sell arrow and close on the opposite signal).
    • However, stability only manifests itself in trends.
    • When flat, the indicator gives false signals that can only be compensated for by martingale.
    • Thus, if you run the robot only with a trend, it is able to earn.
    • (Semi-automatic work paired with a trader).
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