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    Oasis Binary System, Jan 22, 2021 at 10:12 AM
  1. Hadi Shahh

    • Don't waste your Hard earned money & time with fake signal providers.
    • Make yourself Self dependent with Oasis
    • Indicator works with some Golden rules. Very easy to execute trades with indicator
    Indicator works well with All brokers...
    1. Iq Option / Olymptrade / Binomo / pocket option /Spectre/Ayrex /,,..
    • 100% profitable Gauranteed.
    • Indicator comes with Pre Alert
    • it will Alerts you before candle start.
    • Accuracy is 85%++
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  2. Easy Money Maker Indicator, Jan 17, 2021 at 8:14 PM
  3. Hadi Shahh


    Dear traders,
    • I have designed the tool and optimized it specially for Daily charts so it can produce enough signals using my new swing strategy based on reversal volume patterns which work extremely well on Daily charts. I call this tool Easy Money Maker and that's really the thing. It can really bring you the easiest money you've ever made!
    • The software provides you with accurate NON REPAINT and NON LAG signals with exact entry price. You will know what stop loss to use and what take profit to use. The main advantage of the software is in its ability to provide you with strong reversal signals where the signal is given at a very strong reversal zone. Every time you place a trade you always feel confident as the tool helps you entering the market at the right moment.
    • This tool will work great for forex traders and binary options traders as well. If you trade binary options this tool will give great signals to you with End of the Day expiration time.
    • No matter what type of trading you prefer, you will definitely have a great success with the Easy Money Maker trading software!
    • Please look at the screenshots I made on various charts.
    • All signals are real and are not cherry picked.
    • My new Easy Money Maker tool does not require using any additional filter indicator. All you need is to attach the software to your chart and it will do all the market analysis job for you providing you with high quality BUY and SELL signals which you can use for trading on any forex pair.
    • I provide real signals here down below going one by one for several forex pairs. The signals cover more than one year data. This new trading method can be applied to any forex pair. Absolutely STRESS-FREE and EASY trading experience which requires only 10 minutes of your time a day.
    • This is how the software works. It is very easy! All you need is to follow the arrows. When you have a new signal, simply enter the market in the direction of the signal using Stop Loss and Take Profit. You can exit using TP level or you can exit using an opposite arrow signal. In fact you do not need to use any other indicator as a filter as this software is already very accurate as it is specially optimized for D1 time frame.
    • The Daily charts provide the best signals in terms of reliability as there is almost zero of so called market noise on such a high time frame. Moreover my special optimization for D1 time frame makes the signals even more accurate bringing you a true holy grail experience which you can get by spending only 10 minutes of your time or even less per day.
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  4. World Best Forex Robot, Jan 17, 2021 at 5:14 PM
  5. Hadi Shahh


    -Unlimited Licenses For All Your MT4 Accounts
    -No Trading Experience Required
    -Setup Instructions | Quick & Easy 5 Minute Setup

  6. Forex Falcon Trading Strategy, Jan 14, 2021
  7. Hadi Shahh

    • This Forex Falcon Trading Strategy Beats Any Strategy By A Long Mile. It Minimizes Lag, Eliminates Noise, Tracks Market Trends Reliably, And Get You Into The Trend Much Earlier At Exactly The Right Time.
    • This Forex Falcon Trading Strategy Beats Any Strategy By A Long Mile… It Minimizes Lag, Eliminates Noise, Tracks Market Trends Reliably, And Get You Into The Trend Much Earlier At Exactly The Right Time…
    • What’s more: The indicators doesn’t repaint. Plus, it works on ANY currency pair, ANY financial instrument, ANY time-frame…
    View attachment 13206

    This “Falcon” Strategy helps you identify trend reversals — quickly and accurately.
    • The secret behind its accuracy is the fact that the indicator COMBINES price action and multiple sophisticated market timing algorithms to determine these significant turning points in the markets.
    • That way, you can be sure you have the best chance to join the trend with perfect timing, and hopefully extract more profits from the trend than anybody else.
    • Once the Falcon strategy has spotted a reversal, it clearly displays these Buy or Sell alerts on your charts… showing you exactly where possible reversals may occur.
    • In addition, it also gives you audio, visual, and pop-up alerts whenever a reversal is identified.
    • Detects BOTH continuation market moves in direction of the trend AND reversal market moves against the trend…
    • It helps you join the prevailing trend with near-perfect timing… and… it helps you determine when the current trend is exhausted, so you can prepare for an upcoming market reversal…
    • It identifies all the important price movements… so you’d never miss a big move again…
    • Our Smart Falcon Strategy absolutely does NOT repaint…
    • Works equally well in trend trading and counter trend trading mode…
    • Let’s see how it works in real action on lower time frames for scalpers!
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  8. Flybot Ea, Jan 14, 2021
  9. Hadi Shahh


    You've been asking to sell this EA for a long time, I've turned them all down. This EA was for investment only, but I still decided to sell 5 copies.
    I called this EA "FlyBot EA".
    You watched it work from the beginning, all the profits were made in front of your eyes, in real time. Many of you are thrilled. It is to such connoisseurs that I am ready to sell 5 copies.
    The number of accounts is not limited, binding to the account number.
    Settings can be adapted for any broker. I will help with the configuration.
    Monitoring of live accounts:

    New EA (Invest Account 2) System by MFOREXpro | Myfxbook
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    New EA (Invest Account 3) System by MFOREXpro | Myfxbook
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    New EA (Invest Account) System by MFOREXpro | Myfxbook
    View attachment 13205

  10. Xau Miner Ea V2, Jan 14, 2021
  11. Hadi Shahh


    XAU MINER V2 System by harcyliezc | Myfxbook
    View attachment 13202

    Maybe we need a Duplicate
  12. Кружевоплетение, Jan 12, 2021
  13. Emma McNeill


    View attachment 13201

    Данный курс наглядно продемонстрирует, как овладеть основными элементами техники в кружевоплетении на коклюшках.
    Кружевоплетение - это традиционный вид русского народного искусства, владея которым можно создавать уникальные авторские вещи, завораживающие своим изяществом. Кружева - это нестареющий тренд как в оформлении интерьеров, так и в дизайне одежды. Преимуществом данного курса является пошаговый разбор основных элементов с повторениями, благодаря которому любой желающий сможет постичь волшебство трансформации обычных нитей в произведения творчества. Опытный инструктор расскажет подробно о материалах и инструментах, разнообразных техниках плетениях, а также покажет на примерах нюансы, которые помогут сделать изделие аккуратно и быстро. После нашего курса вы сможете плести кружева самостоятельно.
  14. Мастер-класс По Вязанию Носков На Двух Спицах, Jan 12, 2021
  15. Emma McNeill


    View attachment 13200

    В этом уроке мы с вами свяжем носки на двух спицах. Этот способ подойдет даже новичку и тем, кому не нравится вязать на пяти спицах.

    Здравствуйте, сегодня мы разберем вязание носка на двух спицах со швом сзади. Пятка вывязывается просто, выглядит она аккуратно. Не надо боятся шва сзади и на стопе, поскольку трикотажный шов мягкий и его практически не чувствуешь. Размер нашего носка будет 38-39. Этот способ вязания на двух спицах будет удобен тем, кому не нравится вязать на пяти спицах, вязание очень простое и доступно даже начинающим с нуля. Для вязания нам понадобятся спицы № 3,5, пряжа Ализе Ланаголд Плюс (в 100 граммах 140 метров). Это шерсть с акрилом - 51% акрил, 49% шерсть. А также в процессе работы потребуются булавка для снятия петель, ножницы, трикотажная игла, 3 маркера или англ. булавки.
  16. Вязание. Дизайнерская Шапка Своими Руками, Jan 12, 2021
  17. Emma McNeill


    View attachment 13199

    Все этапы вязания спицами: от 1-ой петли до закрывающего ряда. Повторы на крупных планах с подсказками. Просто смотрите, повторяйте - и получите изделие, как на моделях. Бонус - советы стилиста.

    В видео уроках представлена информация о пряже, инструментах, размерах изделия, всех этапах вязания от 1-ой петли до закрывающего ряда. Все приемы вязания даны в повторах на крупных планах с текстовыми и голосовыми подсказками. После просмотра видеокурса у вас не останется никаких вопросов. Просто смотрите и повторяйте действия преподавателя на экране - в результате вы получите изделие, как на моделях. Научитесь вязать, и всегда будете иметь возможность выбрать именно тот цвет одежды, который делает вас неотразимой, и именно тот фасон, в котором вы - Богиня! Вы сможете использовать весь спектр натуральной пряжи от экономичного хлопка и гипоаллергенной мериносовой шерсти до роскошного кашемира! А подарки, в виде связанных своими руками восхитительных шапочек и шарфов будут приводить в восторг ваших любимых. Курс подходит тем, кто -хочет выделиться из серой толпы своей яркостью и оригинальностью; -хочет носить стильные вещи из натуральных материалов.

  18. Основы Вязания (knitting Basics), Jan 12, 2021
  19. Emma McNeill


    View attachment 13197

    Курс подойдёт тем, кто хочет научиться вязать на спицах или уже умеет, но есть желание освоить новые техники.

    Курс состоит из 10 уроков:

    Урок 1. Введение (4 занятия)
    Урок 2. Виды петель (6 занятий)
    Урок 3. Простые техники (6 занятий)
    Урок 4. Схемы вязания (6 занятий)
    Урок 5. Араны (4 занятия)
    Урок 6. Косы (15 занятий)
    Урок 7. Ажур (12 занятий)
    Урок 8. Жаккард (10 занятий)
    Урок 9. Интарсия (6 занятий)
    Урок 10. ВТО (1 занятие)
    Каждый урок содержит вебинар, видео-инструкцию, текстовое описание, схемы, рисунки и фотографии. С помощью данного курса даже ребёнок 8-летнего возраста сможет освоить вязание с нуля. А опытные мастерицы узнают много новых техник вязания и моих личных фишек, которые я выработала за более чем 20-летний опыт вязания.
  20. Xauru Pro Ea, Jan 6, 2021
  21. Emma McNeill


    Is a proven and tested profitable Expert Advisor with an optimized Forex Trading Strategy.
    View attachment 13194
    View attachment 13195

    Frequent trading to maximize profit opportunities
    Full MT4 compatibility
    Fully automated – just “Set-and-Forget”
    Easy 5-Minute Installation
    Intelligent Money-Management System
    Drawdown Protection System
    Precise Entry and Exit Trading Algorithms
    High Spread Protection
    Profit Protection System
    Drawdown Reducing Algorithms

    Xauru is a proven and tested Forex Expert Advisor (EA) that trades automatically on your account and earns stable profit every day. Our EA is characterized by regular profit without long drawdowns, incredible reliability, and durability to all changes in the Forex market.

    Whether it be trending or ranging, Xauru highly adapts to the market movement and make profits no matter what. Powered by an advanced algorithm and optimized strategy, it does everything accurately to open and close trades for the best profitable move.

    Xauru is designed to work maximally easy. If you have little to no experience in Forex trading, don’t worry – Xauru got you covered. Just follow installation instruction, then choose the Auto mode. However, if you're confident with your trading skills choose Manual mode – it is very easy!

  22. Swing Vip Ea, Jan 6, 2021
  23. Emma McNeill


    View attachment 13193

    We are proud to highlight that during US election week and Covid-19 news related market volatility swing vip closed all weeks in profit.
    Is a Forex trading robot which trade on autopilot. It needs only one time setup and the rest is automatic.
    Swing VIP EA process more data than humans, without emotional decisions.
    A pre programmed robot won’t make the mistakes you do.

    How much can you Earn if you get this Robot ?
    Earn 16% to 30% Profit Monthly by using SWING VIP.

    How Does Swing VIP EA works ?
    SWING VIP is a forex trading robot which programmed and developed by SinryAdvice team and its one of the smartest EA of our team.
    It is programmed to use market data such as price action, trend, CCI, PPO and other basic indicators and analyse them all together to place a trade.
    It will work on 5 forex pairs on 5 min time frame and it will open and close trades in profit automatically. Swing VIP main strategy is base on Price action and Trend.

    • First Ea base on Price action and trend strategy
    • Live Result in - search username: Sinryadvice SWING VIP
    • 5 pairs at same time
    • Low Drawdown
    • 3 years on testing ( Recently decided to sale for public)
    • Easy to use as default setting
    • Open and Close trade Automatically
    • Analysis of market data in all aspects
    • 2 Account license keys - 1 demo and 1 real
    • 1 Time payment - Life time with Free updates
    • 100% refund if not profitable.
    • No martingale strategy

    1- Click on Add to cart and complete order process.
    2- You will be directed to download page and save the file in your pc.
    3- Drag and drop the file in Expert folder of your metatrader 4 app (you can download Metatrade 4 from your broker website or anywhere in internet)
    4- Email us your metatrader4 account number to Receive license key. ( Demo and real acc number) -
    5- Use given setting at below and run it on autopilot.

    watch above video to watch the steps.

    Recommended Setting
    Run it on this 5 pairs : AUDCAD, CADCHF, EURUSD, NZDCAD, USDCAD pairs
    Select 5 min time frame on your mt4.
    Ensure the Auto trading option on your mt4 is on.
    For best performance you need to keep the EA online by using VPS (online computer host) or having your PC online always.
    For every 500 usd fund use 0.01 lot size. (Ex: If 1000 usd fund size lot will be 0.02)Please Note that EA is Smart and it opens several trades, you might see trades going to minus, dont panic that is how EA works and it will close them in profit or minimum loss.

    What is price action strategy?
    In simple terms, price action is a trading technique that allows a trader to read the market and make subjective trading decisions based on the recent and actual price movements, rather than relying solely on technical indicators.

    What is Trend trading strategy?
    Trend trading is a strategy that involves using technical indicators to identify the direction of market momentum. It is based on the idea that markets have an element of predictability, so by analysing historical trends and price movements, a trader will be able to forecast what could happen in the future.

    Does it has any guarantee?
    Yes, absolutely. Our goal is to build transparency with high quality tools.

    Follow the given Setting for EA.
    Test it on demo account for 14 days.
    If in 14 days it makes weekly profit it means EA is working well.
    If not profitable in 14 days, send us an Email and apply for 100% refund.

  24. Mf Manipulate Hunter, Jan 6, 2021
  25. Emma McNeill


    View attachment 13191

    MFMANIPULATEHUNTER PRO EXPERT ADVISOR is fully automated robot for forex trading with smart fibo indicators which analyse the market in many aspect and place trades.
    A preprogrammed robot won’t make the mistakes you do
    MFMANIPULATEHUNTER PRO EA process more data than human,without emotional decisions

    Recommended Setting:
    Best for Eurusd, Gbpusd, Usdjpy, Usdcad, Usdchf, Eurjpy, Eurgpb, Gbpjpy, Audusd, Nzdusd
    Time Frame H1 And H4
    Input Setting as default
    For 24 hours online trading use vps(Online Internet Hosting)
    Start With 100$(cent account) 5000$(standard or ecn account)

    Most profitable EA of
    Live Result in this MFMANIPULATEHUNTER PRO myfxbook
    Easy to use as default setting
    Open and close trade Auto
    Analysis of Market with smart indicator fibo

    MFMANIPULATEHUNTER PRO EA is for Metatrader 4.After completing Purchase you will be directed to download page and also you will receive it in Email.Follow below steps
    Step 1:Drag and drop the file into Advisor folder of your metatrader 4
    Step 2:Send your trading Account Number via email to receive the license key(
    Step 3:Open the MFMANIPULATEHUNTER EA from mt4 advisor section,go to input,put the license key and set your setting or follow setting we recommend
    View attachment 13192

  26. Fx Rapid Quattro, Jan 5, 2021
  27. Emma McNeill


    The best way to prove the effectiveness and efficiency of a trading system is to show its results in real time. We have prepared statistics of our accounts with real money, which are being updated online. All the trading results of FXRapidEA on our accounts have been verified by the independent company Myfxbook - what confirms the veracity of the results. Our results are really good!
    View attachment 13189

    FXRapidEA is designed for trend trading. Using special algorithms, the EA determines a direction of the trend and opens a trade in that direction. Sometimes it happens that before the price moves further along the trend, a slight rollback of the price occurs. In such a situation, the robot opens another order(s) in the direction of the expected trend, for greater profit. In cases when a direction of the Market has changed, and the trades of FXRapidEA are against the trend, the EA CLOSES open trades as they are, often at a loss. When a new trend is formed, the EA opens trades in such a way as to cover all the previous losses. This can happen even several times. That means we always trade by the trend and close trades that are against the trend.

    Forex robot FXRapidEA trades rapidly. That means it works in such a way as not to have protracted trades in the Market. On average, trades do not stay in the Market for more than 1-2 days, and often only a couple of hours. This is achieved by using not too large TakeProfit, and trading by the trend, profit goals are reached faster. The EA also closes trades that could cause protracted trading.

    FXRapidEA has a drawdown control system. This means that if you specify in the settings of the EA that the risk should be, for example, 30%, the system will calculate a lot size in such a way so that the strategy could fully and reliably work with this risk. And in case of an unfavourable situation, if such the drawdown is reached, the EA will stop the loss at the level you specified.

    Our EA is compatible with any brokers. It is also compatible with NFA regulated brokers and brokers with FIFO rule. There are no special requirements, so FXRapidEA can be safely used on your usual brokers.

    Our 100% automatic robot is very easy to install and extremely easy to set up. Also there is a detailed user manual in set with the EA. If you are not interested in other settings, then we can say to start the EA you will need to specify only one setting - the percentage of your desired risk. Everything else FXRapidEA will be ready to do by itself. To start trading you will need only a couple of minutes to install and configure the EA.
    If you have any difficulties or questions, our friendly support team will be happy to help you and give you as much time as you need.

    Our Forex robot FXRapidEA trades on 4 currency pairs. Minimum deposit needed for trading is starting from $460.
    FXRapidEA DUE trades on 2 currency pairs: EURUSD, NZDUSD.
    FXRapidEA QUATTRO trades on 4 currency pairs: EURUSD, NZDUSD, AUDUSD, USDJPY.

    View attachment 13190
  28. Pinpoint Ea, Jan 5, 2021
  29. Emma McNeill


    The Pinpoint EA is the result of 6 months of work to build an EA that's able to safely recover a losing trade over 17+ years of backtesting.
    The Pinpoint has a 94% win rate and has never lost more than 2 trades in a row in 17 years of testing on the GU and EU.
    The EA trades almost on daily basses and churns out a profit every week!

    Pinpoint V1.8

    Backtest data shows a 94% win rate over 17 years!
    Projected monthly profit of 2.5% a month (default settings)
    Trades every week
    Trades the EURUSD & GBPUSD like a pro
    Uses a stop loss on every trade
    Trades only with the bigger trend
    Trade better than most humans
    FIFO compliant
    View attachment 13187

    View attachment 13188

  30. Fgm Profitable Trading System, Jan 5, 2021
  31. Emma McNeill


    FGM Profitable Trading
    FGM Profitable Trading
    is a forex trading system. This forex trading system can be used to trade in various time frames like 5 minute, 15 minute, hourly, four hour, and daily time frames. The system is purely a trend following forex trading system. The FGM Profitable Trading uses two technical indicators in the main chart. The moving averages used in this forex trading system are called FGM. The FGM Profitable Trading is very simple and even the newbie traders can use this forex trading system to make money consistently in the forex market. The indicator in the main chart window generates the trading signal while the indicator located at the indicator window confirms the signal provided by the main chart window.

    View attachment 13186

    is nothing more than a group of some moving averages. Moving averages of three different periods are used in this system. Among them, the blue one moves fastest and the yellow moves slowest. Crossovers of these moving averages generate the trading signal.

    Profitable Strategy 1 consists of green and red bars. Green bars indicate the buying signal while the red bars indicate the selling signal.

    Buying Conditions Using FGM profitable Trading System
    • Market level should be above the FGM
    • Profitable Strategy 1 should form green bars.
    • Open your long position as soon as above conditions are met.
    • Place your stop loss just below the recent swing low.
    • Take your profit when the Profitable Strategy 1 turns red.
    Selling Conditions Using FGM Profitable Trading System
    • Market level should be below the FGM
    • Profitable Strategy 1 should form red bars.
    • Open your short position as soon as above conditions are met.
    • Place your stop loss just above the recent swing high.
    • Take your profit when the Profitable Strategy 1 turns yellow.

  32. Jak Diamond Ea, Jan 5, 2021
  33. Hadi Shahh


    • LEVEREGE 1:500
    • MAX DD 20%

  34. Genius Scalper Ea, Jan 4, 2021
  35. Hadi Shahh

    • 1000% profit monthly! So, you deposit $ 100, you earn $ 1000 in 30 days.
    • Contact me and download a completely free demo version for testing!
    • See the proof below:
    • Genius Scalper is one high frequency EA that has shown high profitability in many currency pairs.
    Otherwise, this EA works very similarly like FXL Scalper, which is one of the most profitable EA scalpers in the world if we look at the REAL ACCOUNT HISTORY posted on the following

    Unlike the FXL Scalper created by author Sung Won from Vietnam, my EA Genius Scalper has twice lower rental price and sale price.

    You can see all the tests in the results below:
    • Gain 584223%
    • Monthly Profit 1122%
    • Drawdown 9%
    • Days In Live 254
  36. Fx Indigo 2020, Dec 30, 2020
  37. Emma McNeill


  38. Fx Rubicon 2020 New Version, Dec 30, 2020
  39. Emma McNeill


  40. Xturbo V3 Strategy, Dec 30, 2020
  41. Emma McNeill



  42. Pips Predator Ea, Dec 29, 2020
  43. Hadi Shahh



    EA Pips Predator will open trades based on 10+ smart inner indicators, price action, support & resistance, trendline and more strategies. This combination of strategies ensures a high accuracy winning rate. More than 4 pairs can run at a time. EA will open some number of trades for each pair and always will close in profit or break even. We are using this EA for our own accounts and confident with the result. Please find the real results from myfxbook link given below.

    • Release 2020 @ Version1.0
    • 2 licenses per EA (demo & real)
    • Grid strategy
    • High accuracy
    • 10+ inner indicators
    • Price action, s&r, trendline & more
    • Quick execution (M5 TF)
    • Low drawdown
    • 15% to 30% monthly profit

    MT4-6219530 System by RakanPips | Myfxbook
    View attachment 13185

    Account Type & Minimum Capital
    • Standard USD500 for lot 0.01
    • Micro USD50 for lot 0.01
    • Cent USD5 (USC500) for lot 0.01
    • Leverage 500-1000
    EA Pips Predator Dashboard
    Straight forward and user friendly setup. All parameters are internally set by programmer to avoid traders from making unnecassary errors. This is a plug & play EA, traders just need to adjust the lot size based on account equity.

  44. Forex Activa Trading System, Dec 29, 2020
  45. Emma McNeill


    Bagaimana FOREX ACTIVA membantu Anda? Sebagai seorang trader forex, Anda akan diberi tahu tentang kapan harus membeli atau menjual. Ada juga sinyal peringatan audio, memberi Anda informasi secara teratur. Sistem ini memiliki fitur grafik dengan indikator panah untuk menunjukkan arah sinyal dan membantu Anda mengikuti naik turunnya pasar.
    Alat ini memiliki zero lag, tidak ada masalah bug, dan akurasi yang sangat tinggi. Ini membuatnya dapat dipercaya dan patut dicoba. Dengan alat ini, Anda dapat membuat strategi perdagangan terbaik.
    Forex Activa memungkinkan para pedagang untuk tetap mendapatkan informasi terbaru tentang analitik proaktif dan sinyal perdagangan, yang akan membantu mereka memanfaatkan peluang perdagangan dan memaksimalkan keuntungan.
    Jadi tunggu apa lagi? Jika Anda ingin dapat mengelola dan memaksimalkan investasi forex Anda, maka Forex Activa adalah pilihan terbaik Anda. Jadilah salah satu dari ribuan trader yang bahagia di komunitas kami. Mari membantu Anda mendapatkan yang terbaik dari perdagangan forex Anda. Sekarang mari masuk ke sistem itu sendiri

    Banyak Fitur Hebat
    • Signal yang menguntungkan
    • Anak Panah 100% tidak repaint
    • Deteksi dini perubahan trend
    • Terdapat Alert / Sound
    • Notifikasi MT4 Android & Email
    • Terdapat Alert / Sound
    • Simple & Sederhana
    • Cocok untuk pemula maupun master
    • Bantuan Profesional
    View attachment 13178 View attachment 13179 View attachment 13181 View attachment 13182 View attachment 13183 View attachment 13184

    Keuntungan membeli Forex Activa
    • Support all broker
    • Profit konsisten
    • User Friendy
    • Disiplin
    • Multiple trading style
    • Dukungan terbaik
  46. Camel Trader Pro, Dec 26, 2020
  47. Emma McNeill



    Camel Trader Pro is a trading robot for the trading on forex. This is a Trend Following system that trades mainly during Asian Session.
    The EA has been subjected to stress tests for a period of 17 years and passes every year with a very advantageous profit/drawdown ratio.
    Camel Trader Pro Work in USDCAD and USDCHF M1
    This Ea is Fifo Compliance

    It analyzes the market without using obsolete indicators and pattern, looking for the main trend, entering the market based on volatility and an
    artificial intelligence algorithm to predict the likely future trend.

    The maximum accuracy backtests allowed show a high payout rate and good resistance to unexpected market events.
    This Ea use Awesome Oscillator and Accelerator Oscillator for identify the Short term trend.
    Recommended Test Period 2003 to Today.
    if you can not run a backtest, watch the video below.

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