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Rules Of Participation In Joint Purchases

Rules Of Participationtop

1. Only the participant with the status "Organizer" may make (organize) joint purchases.

2. Only VIP members of the forum can participate in joint purchases, except for participants with the status "Blocked".
2.1. Click "Join the joint purchase" button and choose a list - main or reserve.
2.2 Any correspondence containing personal data, e-mail can be sent only in personal messages to the administrator! A fine will be imposed for violation.

3. Recruitment to the main list occurs only at the stage when the theme has the status of "Recruitment of participants".
In the open joint procurement theme, in addition to the price of the information product, there is a preliminary cost based on the number of participants in the main list or a fixed commission.

4. At the "Pay Money" stage, after the start of the fundraising, users who did not participate in the main list in the given joint procurement may sign up for the reserve list, unless prohibited by the Organizer. Reserve list members pay 30% more. Their contribution is used by the Organizer to correct possible deficiencies in the purchase of material.

5. Joint Purchases at the "Delivery Product" stage
Participants who can't participate in the Main list have the possibility to be added to the Reserve list (you are automatically added to the reserve list when you are added at this stage). Reserve list members pay 30% more. The amount of payment for the additional list will be the same as the list.
5.1 Discussion of a joint purchase - All questions and problems can only be solved in the purchase subject and nowhere else !!! For violation will be denied assistance and further cooperation.

6. This should be recorded if you agree with the terms of participation, as well as a full description of the joint purchase.

7. You can leave the joint purchase before the start of "Pay Money" and only at the "RECRUITMENT OF PARTICIPANTS" stage.

8. Each participant must independently monitor the current status of the Joint purchase.

9. After the "Pay Money" stage, the organizers will deliver the Product.
9.1 Each participant is obliged to make payment within 5 days from the date of announcement of the Fee, regardless of the duration of the joint purchase. The Organiser indicates that this is an "Urgent Joint Purchase" and the payment deadline.
9.2 The Commission shall be exactly as specified in the Organizer's details.

Payment at the forum - AUTOMATIC!!! Just click the Pay Money button and the money will be written off your internal balance on the forum.

10. The organizer within 14 days of receipt of payment receipts that participants pay their fees, and after the purchase of information products provides them with the opportunity to get acquainted with personal correspondence "Delivery Product".

11. After the organizer has provided the material in full for the joint purchase, payment for the joint purchase, transition to the stage "Buy Product" (at this stage you can get the material from the additional list) or "Completed".

12. The participant from the main list personally agrees with the Organizer about the transfer of payment or about payment after the term is over.

13. For participants who have not paid the fee on time (within 5 days from the start of the Pay Money), the Organizer issues a warning with penalty points and automatically receives the status of "Penalty". The user can also participate in the main co-buyer list. Please note that "Penalty", as opposed to the participant from the main list, pays 30% more than the fee. To remove "Penalty" status and penalty point lists, a user must pay twice as quickly for outstanding compatible purchases.

14. The refund of the paid fees to the participants is possible only if the joint purchase did not take place and the organizer did not pay the author or the author returned the paid amount to the organizer. In any other case, the refund of the fees paid to the Participants is not made.

15.In case of a dispute, the Joint purchaser should contact the Support through Support Tickets . Complaints will be considered and resolved within 14 days.

16. This is strictly forbidden:
16.1 Place provocative messages in the subject of the co-purchase in any, even the most covert manifestations aimed at misleading the participants of the co-purchase and especially at expressing their opinion, not based on personal practical experience.
16.2 Discuss the process of purchasing and distributing the information product among the participants of the co-purchase and provoke the organizers to such questions.
16.3. In any case, provoke and even more so provoke an already open joint purchase. Post materials about the joint purchase or share links to it at the Pay Money, Delivery Produkt, Completion or Bay Produkt stages.
16.4 Provide various details for the payment of contributions to the organizers of this pooled purchase in any form outside of the closed "Pay" conference.

Dear participants! Please, pay attention to it!!!

Main list - you can subscribe to it only if you are ready to pay this price within 5 days. After the Pay Money stage, If you have subscribed to the main list has not been paid for 5 days, after which you will be fined twice the amount of the collection. and until you pay this amount, you will not be able to participate in the promotion other joint purchases!!!

Reserve list - you can subscribe to it and pay for it later when you need it. There are no penalties. But you will pay 30-50% more than the main list!

Please pay attention to this! Violators will be punished!
There will be no compromises!
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