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Rights And Obligations Of The Joint Purchase Organizer

1. Rights Of The Organizertop

1.1. Organize an unlimited number of joint purchases at the same time.
1.2. Organize collective purchases from any section “joint purchases”, except the author’s one (it is only in agreement with the Administration)
1.3. Get rewards from the backup list for organizing a joint purchase.
1.4. Free to receive infoprodukt for further personal use for educational purposes.

2. Responsibilities Of The Organizertop

2.1. Observe the statute of the forum
2.2. Make a quality joint purchase before its completion (“Completed”, “Buy” stages).
2.3. To timely redeem the digital product from the author (no later than 3 days). If it is impossible to redeem the digital product in a timely manner due to the fault of the author, notify the participants of the joint purchase in the “Payment” correspondence.
2.4. Timely note the payment of participants of the warehouse (at least 1 time per day), if for any reason the Organizer cannot note, notify the participants of the joint purchase in correspondence Payment and notify the Administration of the forum.
2.5. Immediately transfer the stock to “Blocked” when detecting the problematic nature of the stock, even before transferring to “Fundraising”
2.6. In cases of receiving a refund for the purchased digital product from the seller, in a timely manner (not later than 7 days), return the funds to the participants of the joint purchase.
2.7. In cases where the author of a digital product was an unscrupulous seller (fraudster) who provided a digital product that did not match the description or did not provide to the Organizer at all, it is necessary to post screenshots confirming the payment in a message to the participants of the joint purchase in the closed topic "Delivery".
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Balance replenishment ALIEBAY
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