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Balance replenishment ALIEBAY

Registration In Okpay And Top-up On Aliebay Forum


How to register in OkPay and top up your balance for joint purchases.

1. Go to website.
2. The minimum forum e-Voucher is $5.
3. Make a simple registration on OkPay.
4. The name is better chosen the same as in the forum. This is better for identifying payments.
5. Confirm your email address. If the letter has got in a folder Spam, mark as NOT spam.
6. We replenish the balance on OkPay in any convenient way.
7. To recharge a Paeer wallet there are many methods. We choose any convenient for us.
8. After we have refilled the balance in OkPay, we can see it in our account.
9. When making a deposit in the forum, take into account the OkPay commission. If you want to make a $10 deposit, you must have $10.3 on your OkPay balance. Otherwise there will be an error.
10. Congratulations!!! The balance on the forum has been replenished!
11. Attention!!! It is necessary to pass verification of the account in OkPay. Enable 2-factor authentication. Send documents to verify and protect your account. This will ensure the security of your funds.
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Balance replenishment ALIEBAY
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