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Forum Statutes

1. General Rulestop

1.1. AlieBay Forum is organized as a non-profit educational community on the Internet, is not a legal entity, does not operate in any country and operates on the basis of this Charter.
1.2 Within the forum, the preferred language of communication is English.
1.3 The use of slang and maternal expressions is allowed only if they are appropriate. The administration will not immediately punish this form of discussion, but it should not be abused.
1.4. Everyone is equal in our forum, so regardless of social status, age or gender, you should address each other on "you".
1.5 Before asking any questions about the work of our forum "AlieBay" carefully read the current rules, the section "Questions and suggestions" and only if there is no answer, create a corresponding topic in this section or publish your message in an existing topic.
1.6 Directly contact the Administration only on issues outside the competence of the moderators, or in case of controversial and unusual situations.
1.7. If you have constructive suggestions for improvement of the forum, leave them in the topic Book of complaints and suggestions for improvement of the forum, where they will be considered by the Administration.
1.8. As the forum develops, some items of the current rules may be changed or supplemented in whole or in part. Administration undertakes to notify users of the fact of change by creating a topic in the section "News and announcements" or by personal mailing list.
1.9. All accepted changes of rules fully come into effect immediately after their publication in the news section.
1.10. A single violation of any paragraph of the current Charter will result in a warning. However, the user will be denied access to his account if he violates the rules again or grossly ignores them.

2. Goals Of The Forumtop

2.1. Joint purchase of information and educational materials to the fold devoted to Forex, Binary Options, Stock Markets, Sports, Cryptocurrency for preliminary review.
2.2 Discussion of author's training materials and making objective feedback on them.
2.3. Gaining invaluable experience of all users of our community in areas of interest to them.
2.4. Increasing the professional level and personal competence of the forum participants.

3. Categorically Forbiddentop

3.1. Using as a login the names which spelling does not correspond to the following rules: the login can contain only Latin and Cyrillic symbols, it is possible to use the hyphen "-", numbers and underscores "_". It is forbidden to specify web page addresses, e-mail addresses in the user name or to use only capital letters.
3.2. Register more than one account, as well as use various software utilities (anonymizers) in order to hide their presence.
3.3. Use nicknames and avatars for accounts that are very similar to those of other forum participants.
3.4 Write EXCLUSIVELY CHAPTERS or COMBINATIONS of upper and lower case characters.
3.5 Placing provocative messages, as well as committing any actions that may cause various types of conflicts.
3.6. Use the forum site or correspondence to clarify personal relationships.
3.7. Distribute the content of pornographic content.
3.8. Distribute spam, float around the forum, use trolling elements in discussions. These actions are punishable by the user account ban.
3.9. Use as a replica phrases consisting of one word or just a smiley.
3.10. Place messages that do not have a semantic load.
3.11. Distribute advertising messages without prior approval from the Administration.
3.12. Without the approval of the Administration to indicate the information of advertising nature in any place of the profile, signature or image of the avatar.
3.13. Place in any place of profile, signature URL-link to third-party resources.
3.14. Publish the information taken from the sections of the site open only for its participants or place URL-links to such topics on the external Internet resources.
3.15. To mislead users with false information, to correct their messages in order to distort their initial meaning.
3.16. Publish their contact information or ask other users to do so in any case not stipulated by the rules.
3.17. Be engaged in distribution of information products purchased in a fold or materials taken from closed sections. Also encourage other members to do so.
3.18. Conduct an unauthorized exchange of content (folders, etc.) with other users or incite them to do so.
3.19. Place URL-links on torrent trackers and sites that distribute warez soft.
3.20. Address to Administration - trolling, foul language, disputes and any other actions discrediting the name of the forum team and the forum in General. For this act the user is blocked indefinitely !!!
3.21. Advertise outside resources, groups, social networks, messengers. Invite to various chats and private correspondence in order to distribute products purchased in the fold.

4. Procedure Creating Topics And Messagestop

4.1 Any user can create new threads and posts in all sections of the forum to which they have access. The message or topic must correspond to the general resource topic without duplicating the previously created topics.
4.2. it is desirable to make sure that the section for the created topic is correctly selected based on its subject matter.
4.3. We recommend that you use the search function before placing a topic to make sure that this issue has not been previously discussed.
4.4 If a topic is selected incorrectly, you should contact the moderator, who will move it to a more appropriate section after examining the question.
4.5 Do not raise several different questions in one topic. Try to limit yourself to one question per topic.
4.6. Thoroughly check the name of the topics to be created for grammatical or punctuation errors.
4.7. Choose the name of a new topic so that it is as clear and meaningful as possible. Topics with vague wording in the title will be removed.
4.8 The abuse of the citation function of interlocutors is highly discouraged.
4.9. The administration makes a big request not to spread the flood within this site, not to conduct meaningless dialogues, to communicate as far as possible only on the topics that are interesting from the point of view of specialization of this forum.
4.10. Remember that all responsibility for what you say and do on your behalf falls only on you.
4.11. Users are allowed to upload only those materials of which they are the authors.

5. Administration And Moderationtop

5.1 The representatives of the Administration of the Forum, as well as the appointed moderators, have the right to make changes in user messages and topics, delete and transfer them, guided by the current rules of the forum.
5.2 Any account may be blocked or completely deleted by the Administration without stating the reasons.
5.3 All content and material uploaded by the user through the forum may be requested and studied by representatives of the Administration and the Administration in particular.
5.4 In case of contradictions between separate paragraphs of the rules of the forum, detection of double meaning, the right to interpret them remains with the administrators and moderators.
5.5. Solution of internal disputes and disagreements between individual users is their personal business and is not within the competence of Administration representatives.
5.6 Public discussion of actions of moderators and Administration of the Forum is forbidden.
5.7 The fact of moderator's abuse of authority may be considered only by a representative of Administration after sending him a personal message describing the fact of violation.
5.8 The adopted decisions of the Administration are not subject to revision and are final.
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