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1. Rules "AlieBay" they act in accordance with its Charter adopted at the non-profit educational forum.
2. By registering on the site "AlieBay" and by obtaining your own account, you agree to abide by all the rules of our forum and any other rules published in the Forum Statutes
3. When registering, you must select a login. Digits, hyphen "-" and underscore "_"are allowed. Any unreadable names, website addresses or email addresses are prohibited. Such logins are prohibited .....11111111 - .......ССССССС
4. It is strictly forbidden to create more than one account during registration, as well as to use temporary mail for registration.
5. Any commercial use of the forum materials is prohibited. Including strictly prohibited, and free distribution outside the forum.
6. You and only you are fully responsible for the content of your posts and the topics you post on our forum. As well as the results of the use of materials purchased at the club.
7. Participation in joint purchases is voluntary and at your own risk. This means that the Administration of the forum does not accept any claims from the members of the club in case of dissatisfaction with the information product purchased at the club or not at all.
8. You agree not to use the forum "AlieBay" to post spam and advertising messages that do not agree with the administration of the forum, as well as not to engage in provocative and illegal activities through our forum.
9. The administration reserves the right to delete or edit any topics and messages published on the forum that contradict the rules of the forum, without explanation.
10. The administration also has the right at any time and without explanation to break the forum Charter, to take action against any account, up to an indefinite block access and its complete removal.
11. Any information (content) or material you post or upload through our forum may be requested or viewed and read by the Administration. If you refuse to provide or ignore such requests, the Administration has the right to restrict your access to the forum, up to an unlimited account lockout.
12. Register an account and visit the forum "AlieBay" the following groups of persons are prohibited: acting law enforcement officers, representatives of Executive authorities of any departments and divisions, persons associated with state bodies and Executive authorities, appointed for the production of control over the observance of copyright.
13. The administration has the right to change any of the above points of the rules without prior notice. The fact of agreement with the changes is the constant use of the forum "AlieBay".
14. If you do not agree with any of these points, we recommend that you refuse to register on this site and stop visiting it.
15. Violators of the above rules or of the Charter of the forum will be punished by blocking the account access.
16. At any time, the user can contact the Administration with a request to delete your account.

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Balance replenishment ALIEBAY
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